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Selected Discography

Many are found on the Black British Swing CD (Topic TSCD781); a wonderfully democratic set of biographies and discographies of British jazz players is at


Leslie Thompson with Spike Hughes’ (Studio) Orchestra

Moon Love (Jerome Kern / Decca F.2259)

Some of These Days (Shelton Brooks / Decca F.2259)

Leslie Thompson, Norman Payne, Arthur Niblo: trumpets; Lew Davis, Bernard Tipping: trombones; Harry Hines: clarinet, alto sax; Buddy Featherstonehaugh: tenor sax; Eddie Carroll: piano; Alan Ferguson: guitar; Spike Hughes: double bass; Bill Harty: drums. Recorded 12 December 1930, London.


Tap Your Feet and Go Bo-de-do-de-doo  (Philippe Brun-Jack Hart / Decca F.2323)

High Life (Duke Ellington / Decca F.2323)

Roll Jordan (Andy Razaf-Eubie Blake / Decca F.2373)

Joshua Fit de Battle of Jericho (traditional / Decca F.2373)

Leslie Thompson, Norman Payne, Jimmy Macaffer-trumpets; Lew Davis, Bill Mulraney-trombones; Sid Owen-clarinet, alto sax; Billy Amstell-alto sax; Buddy Featherstonehaugh-tenor sax; Eddie Carroll-piano; Alan Ferguson-guitar; Spike Hughes-double bass; Bill Harty-drums; recorded 8 April 1931, London.


Sex Bells Stampede (Spike Hughes-Billy Munn / Decca F.2844

Sirocco (Spike Hughes / Decca F.2944)

Leslie Thompso-trumpet or trombone; Jimmy Macaffer, Billy Higgs, Chick Smith-trumpets; Lew Davis, Bill Mulraney-trombones; Harry Hayes-clarinet, alto sax; Billy Amstell-alto sax; Buddy Featherstonehaugh-tenor sax; Billy Munn-piano; Alan Ferguson-guitar; Spike Hughes-double bass; Ronnie Gubertini-drums; recorded 3 February 1932, London.


Adelaide Hall (European highlights)

            Too Darn Fickle (Mack Gordon-Harry Revel / Parlophone R.225)

I Got Rhythm (George & Ira Gershwin / Parlophone R.229

Baby Mine (Andy Razaf-Eubie Blake / Parlophone R.230

I’m Red-Hot from Harlem (Mack Gordon-Harry Revel / Parlophone232)

Joe Turner and Francis Carter-pianos; recorded London, September-October 1931


I Can’t Give You Anything but Love (Dorothy Fields-Jimmy McHugh / HMV)

That Old Feeling (Lew Brown-Sammy Fain / HMV)

Fats Waller-Compton organ; recorded London, 28 August 1938.


T’aint What You Do (It’s the Way That Cha Do It) (Sy Oliver-Trummy Young / Decca F-7121)

Fela Sowande-Wurlizer organ; Al Craig-drums; recorded London, 23 June 1939.


The Lady is a Tramp (Richard Rodgers-Larry Hart / F.7345)

Gerry Moore-guitar; Al Craig-drums; recorded London, 18 January 1940.


This Can’t Be Love (Richard Rodgers-Larry Hart / Decca F.7501)

Recorded London, 3 May 1940).


All the Things You Are  (Jerome Kern-Oscar Hammerstein II / Decca F.7636)

Recorded London, 9 October 1940.


Room Five Hundred and Four  (George Posford-Eric Maschwitz / Decca F.7709

Ain’t it a Shame about Mame?  (Monaco / Decca F. 7709)

Recorded London, 7 February 1941.


It’s Always You (Jimmy Van Heusen-Johnny Burke / Decca F.7879)

Recorded 23 May 1941.







Reginald Foresythe / The New Music of Reginald Foresythe (all his compositions)

Serenade for a Wealthy Widow  (Columbia CB.675)

Angry Jungle ** (Columbia CB.675)

Reginald Foresythe-piano; Ted Marshall and George Newman**-clarinets; Jimmy Watson and Ivor Lamb**-alto saxes; Alf Morgan-tenor sax; CW Harding-bassoon; Joe Gibson-double bass; Don Whitelaw-drums; recorded London, 14 October 1933.


The Duke Insists (Columbia CB.764)

Berceuse for an Unwanted Child  (Columbia CB.726)

Garden of Weed  (Columbia CB.726)

Bit  (Columbia CD.744)

Reginald Foresythe-piano; Cryil Clarke and Bill Apps-clarinet; Jimmy Watson and Bill Barclay-alto saxes; Jack Ambrose-tenor sax; Claude Hughes-bassoon; Jack Collier-double bass; George Elrick-drums; recorded London, 9 February 1934.


Because It’s Love [written for Elisabeth Welch] (Columbia DB.1407)

St Louis Blues (Columbia DB.1407)

Reginald Foresythe-solo piano; recorded London, 25 May 1934


Deep Forest  (co-written with Earl ‘Fatha’ Hines) (Columbia FB.1643)

Lament for Congo  (Columbia FB.1643)

Volcanic – Eruption for Orchestra (Columbia CB.787)

The Autocrat Before Breakfast (Columbia CB.787)

Same personnel as for 9 February 1934; recorded London, 6 September 1934.


Camembert * (Arthur Young / Columbia DB.1264)

Chromolithograph  (Foresythe / Columbia DB.1264)

*piano duet with Arthur Young


Southern Holiday – A Phantasy of Negro Moods parts 1 & 2 (US Columbia)





Lullaby  (Columbia FB.1031)

Dodging a Divorcee (Columbia FB.1231)

The Melancholy Clown (Columbia FB.1233)

The Greener the Grass (Columbia FB.1233)

Reginald Foresythe-piano; Hymie Schertzer and Toots Mondello-alto saxes; Dick Clark-tenor sax; Sol Schoenbach-bass sax; Benny Goodman and Johnny Mince-clarinet; John Kirby-double bass; Gene Krupa-drums; recorded New York City, 23 January 1935.


Homage to Armstrong (Chinatown My Chinatown) – Decca F.5660

Landscape (Decca F.5660)

Tea for Two (Irving Caesar-Vincent Youmans / Decca F.5711)

Sweet Georgia Brown (Maceo Pinkard / Decca F.5711)

Recorded London, 19 August 1935.


Revolt of the Yes-Men (Decca F.6203)

Swing for Roundabout (Decca F.6203)

Anything You Like (Decca F-6291)

Recorded London, 6 November 1936


Mead and Woad (Decca F.6291)

Meditation in Porcelain (Decca F.6481)

Aubade (Decca F.6363)

Burlesque  (Decca F.6363)




Cab Quaye with the Billy Cotton Orchestra

Foolish Heart (N. Hall-A. Child / Rex 8933)

Recorded November 1936.


Ike Hatch


Oh Lady Be Good (George & Ira Gershwin / Parlophone R.633)

Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Andy Razaf-Fats Waller / Parlophone R.633

Recorded London, 2 November 1936.


Sing Me A Swing Song (and Let Me Dance) (Hoagy Carmichael-Stanley Adams / Parlophone R.565)

With Freddy Gardner-alto sax.

There’s a New World  (Jimmy Kennedy-Michael Carr / Parlophone R.565)     “chicken and watermelon”


When it’s Sleepy Time Down South (Leon & Otis René-Clarence Muse / Parlophone R.578)

Georgia on My Mind (Hoagy Carmichael-Stuart Gorrell / Parlophone R.578)


Birth of the Blues (Buddy De Sylva-Lew Brown /Parlophone F.608) Jolsonesque

Sunday on the Swanee (Walter Samuels-Leonard Whitcup-Teddy Powell / Parlophone F.608)


Good-night My Beautiful  (Sammy Fain-Chas Jacobs / HMV BD.815)

Safe in My Heart (Reg Connelly / HMV BD.815)

With Yorke de Souza-piano


Dinah  (Harry Akst)

Some of These Days  (Shelton Brooks)

Harry Smith-clarinet; Laurie Bookin-baritone sax; Phil Green-piano; George Elliott-guitar; George Senior-double bass; Max Lewin-Drums


Vic Lewis’ jam sessions

I Ain’t Got Nobody (Spencer Williams)

Shine On Harvest Moon (Nora Bayes-Jack Notworth)

Stooge Blues (Vic Lewis)

Angry (Henry Brunies-Merritt Brunies-Jules Cassard)

Leslie ‘Jiver’ Hutchinson-trumpet; George Chisholm-trombone; Bertie King-clarinet & tenor sax; George Shearing-piano; Vic Lewis-guitar; Joe Muslin-double bass; Carlo Krahmer-drums; recorded London, 30 June 1938; available on Harlequin HQ 3012, an LP issued 1987.


Leonard Feather and Ye Olde English Swynge Band

Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes ** (traditional / Decca F.6810)

Early One Morning (traditional / Decca F.6810)

Colonel Bogey (Kenneth Alford / Decca F.6897)

Widdecombe Fair * (Devonshire traditional / Decca F.6897)

Dave Wilkins-trumpet & vocals; Bertie King-tenor sax; Andy McDevitt-clarinet; Leonard Feather-piano, celeste*; Will Solomon-piano**; Alan Ferguson-guitar; Lenn Harrison-double bass; Hymie Schneider-drums; recorded 12 September 1938



Ken ‘Snakehips’ Johnson and his West Indian Dance Band

Washington Squabble (Clarence Hopkins)

Please Be Kind * (Sammy Cahn-Saul Chaplin)

Betty Dale-vocalist; Dave Wilkins, Leslie ‘Jiver’ Hutchinson, Wally Bowen-trumpets; Carl Barriteau-clarinet; Bertie King- alto sax; George Roberts and Dave ‘Baba’ Williams-tenor and alto saxes; Lad Busby-trombone; Errol Barrow-piano; Joe Deniz-guitar; Abe ‘Pops’ Clare-double bass; Tommy Wilson-drums; acetate aircheck from BBC broadcast, 17 July 1938, recorded at the request of Ken Johnson, given to Peter WG Powell by Jiver Hutchinson.


Ken ‘Snakehips’ Johnson and his West Indian Dance Band

Snakehips Swing * (Adrian de Haas / Decca F.6854)

Exactly Like You (Dorothy Fields-Jimmy McHugh / Decca F.6854)

The Sheik of Araby (Ted Snyder-Harry BacheSmith-Francis Wheeler / Decca F. 6958)

My Buddy (Walter Donaldson-Gus Kahn / Decca F. 6958)

Dave Wilkins, Leslie ‘Jiver’ Hutchinson, Wally Bowen-trumpets; Carl Barriteau & Bertie King-clarinets, King solo *; Bertie King- alto sax; George Roberts and Dave ‘Baba’ Williams-tenor and alto saxes; Lad Busby-trombone; Errol Barrow-piano; Joe Deniz-Hawaiian steel guitar; Abe ‘Pops’ Clare-double bass; Tommy Wilson-drums; recorded Decca Studio, West Hampstead, 22 September 1938.


Ken ‘Snakehips’ Johnson and his West Indian Dance Band

Give Me My Ranch aka Alla en el Rancho Grande (Bartley Costello-Emilio D.Uranga / HMV BD.5560)

Don Johnson and band ensemble-vocals; Dave Wilkins, Leslie ‘Jiver’ Hutchinson, Jack Cosker-trumpets; Carl Barriteau & Bertie King-clarinets; George Roberts and Dave ‘Baba’ Williams-tenor and alto saxes; Freddie Butt-trombone; Yorke de Souza-piano; Joe Deniz-Hawaiian steel guitar; Ernie Stevens-double bass; Tommy Wilson-drums; recorded at the Café de Paris, London, 29 January 1940.



Ken ‘Snakehips’ Johnson and his West Indian Dance Band

Tuxedo Junction (Erskine Hawkins / HMV BD.5576)

Ida! Sweet as Apple Cider * (Eddie Leonard-Eddie Munson / HMV BD.5576

Personnel same as for 29 January but with ensemble band vocal *; recorded at the Café de Paris, London, 27 February 1940.


Ken ‘Snakehips’ Johnson and his West Indian Dance Band

Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind (Arthur Young-William Shakespeare / HMV BD.5592)

It Was a Lover and His Lass (Arthur Young-William Shakespeare / HMV BD.5592)

Al Bowlly with the Henderson Twins-vocals; Dave Wilkins, Leslie ‘Jiver’ Hutchinson, Jack Cosker-trumpets; Carl Barriteau & Bertie King-alto saxes & clarinets; George Roberts and Dave ‘Baba’ Williams-tenor & alto saxes; Freddie Butt-trombone; Yorke de Souza-piano; Joe Deniz-Hawaiian steel guitar; Ernie Stevens-double bass; Tommy Wilson-drums; recorded at the Café de Paris, London, 24 April 1940.



Musicians’ own studio recording, London 1940

Sweet Georgia Brown (Maceo Pinkard-Ben Bernie)

Blue Skies (Irving Berlin)

Untitled double bass cameo featuring Tommy Bromley

Stompin’ at the Savoy (Chick Webb-Edgar Sampson-Benny Goodman)

Yorke de Souza-piano; Joe Deniz-guitar; Tommy Bromley-double bass; Tommy Wilson-drums; recorded at the request of Yorke de Souza and given to Peter WG Powell.



Lauderic Caton Quartet

The Jumping Jive (From the Java Joint)  (Lauderic Caton-Willie Wilson)

Lauderic Caton-guitar; Frank Williams-trumpet; Willie Wilson-piano; Clinton Maxwell-drums; recorded at Levy’s Sound Studios, 73 New Bond Street, London W1, ca. 1940-September 1941.


Cyril Blake and His Jigs Club Band

Cyril’s Blues (Cyril Blake / Regal Zonophone MR.3597)

Frolic Sam (Duke Ellington-Barney Bigard / Regal Zonophone MR.3597)

Rhythm is Our Business * (Sammy Cahn-Saul Chaplin-Jimmie Lunceford / Regal Zonophone MR.3623)

Blue Skies * (Irving Berlin / Regal Zonophone MR.3623)

Cyril Blake-vocals **** & trumpet; Freddy Grant-clarinet; Colin Beaton-piano; Lauderic Caton-electric guitar; Brylo Ford-double bass; Clinton Maxwell-drums; recorded live at the Jigs Club, 12 December 1941.


Sid Phillips Quintet

Royal Garden Blues (Clarence Williams & Spencer Williams / Decca F.7972)

If You Hadn’t Gone Away (Lew Brown-Billy Rose-Ray Henderson / Decca F.7972)

Sid Phillips-clarinet; Leslie ‘Jiver’ Hutchinson-trumpet; Yorke de Souza-piano; Arthur Birkby-tenor sax; Max Abrams-drums; recorded London, December 1941.


Melody Maker Competition Band

Red Duster Rag  (Decca F.8176)

Dave Wilkins, Kenny Baker, Tommy McQuater-trumpets; George Chisholm, Woolf Phillips-trombones; Harry Parry-clarinet; Harry Hayes-alto sax; George Evans, Aubrey Frank, Reg Dare-tenor saxes; George Shearing-piano; Joe Deniz-guitar; Tommy Bromley-double bass; Jock Cummings-drums; One-off, Merchant Navy charity event band lead by George Chisholm; recorded 31 May 1942.


Frank Deniz and His Spirits of Rhythm

Soft Winds (Jay McShann / Decca F.8466)

When I Grow Too Old to Dream (Sigund Romberg / Decca F.8466)

New Idea (Frank Deniz) and Spookie Takes a Holiday  (Frank Deniz / issued in the Midnight in Piccadilly album by UK Decca’s US branch, London LQA40, 1948)

Frank Deniz & Joe Deniz-guitars; Jimmy Skidmore-tenor sax; Clare Deniz-piano; Tommy Bromley-double bass; Tommy Lytton-drums; recorded London, 17 May 1944.



Leslie ‘Jiver’ Hutchinson and His Coloured Orchestra

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Traditional) and Big Top Boogie

Leslie ‘Jiver’ Hutchinson, Dave Wilkins & Frank Williams-trumpets; Bertie King, George Roberts, Joe Appleton and Freddy Grant-saxes; Harry Roche-trombone; Yorke de Souza-piano; Joe Deniz-guitar; Coleridge Goode-double bass; Clinton Maxwell-drums; unissued Decca pressings, recorded 31 July 1944 from the collection of Elaine Delmar.


Leslie ‘Jiver’ Hutchinson and His Coloured Orchestra

Dr Heckle and Mr Jibe (Dick McDonough)

Once Upon a Time (Eddie Sauter via Frederick Delius)

Leslie ‘Jiver’ Hutchinson, Dave Wilkins & Pete Pitterson-trumpets; Bertie King, George Roberts, George Roberts and either Joe Appleton or Johnny Jones-saxes; Frank Baker and possibly Harry Roche-trombones; Yorke de Souza-piano; Joe Deniz-guitar; Bobby Henry-double bass; Clinton Maxwell-drums; off-air acetate disc recording, cut at MBC Sound Studio, 146 Charing Cross Road, from a BBC broadcast, 19 December 1946; from the collection of Elaine Delmar.



Leslie ‘Jiver’ Hutchinson and His Coloured Orchestra


Note: The British Library holds audio of unreleased studio work from the Hutchinson Ork:  from c. 1946 are two further modern jazz-flavoured arrangements: I’m Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover has a vocal by Judy Johnson and 15 bars of tenor sax, likely by George Tyndale.  And there’s also a brief version of Lonesome Road embracing a perfect string passage and an apropos contemporary piano solo by Yorke de Souza, proving that he was certainly keeping up with modern jazz’s chord voicings.


Leslie ‘Jiver’ Hutchinson and His Coloured Orchestra

I Can’t Get Started With You (Vernon Duke) and Annie Laurie *(traditional) / Supraphon 23179

Exactly Like You (Jimmy McHugh) and Rosetta (Earl Hines-Henri Woode) / Supraphon 23180


Jiver Hutchinson with the Norrie Paramor Orchestra

Sweetie Charlie

Nobody’s Business

Calypso numbers with Leslie ‘Jiver’ Hutchinson-trumpet & vocal; recorded London, 21 March 1952



Sid Phillips Quintet

Royal Garden Blues (Clarence Williams & Spencer Williams / Decca F.7972)

Leslie Jiver Hutchinson-trumpet; Arthur Birkby-tenor sax; Yorke de Souza-piano; Max Abrams-drums; rec. 6 May 1941.


Carl Barriteau & His Orchestra

Concerto for Clarinet parts 1 & 2 (Artie Shaw / Decca F.8409)

Ol’ Man Mose * (Louis Armstrong-Zilner Trenton Randolph / Decca F.8457)

A Sultan Goes to Harlem (Carl Barriteau / Decca F.8457)

Above recorded 6 January 1944.


Am I Blue?  (Harry Akst / Decca F.8596)

I Wished on the Moon (Dorothy Parker-Rainger / Decca F.8596)


Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby (Louis Jordan / Decca F.8475

Minor Mood  (Art Strauss-Alfred Poser / Decca F. 8475)

Above recorded 28 August 1944.


Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall **(Alan Roberts-Doris Fisher / Decca F. 8670)

Primrose Hill  ** (Chester-Morris-Lynton / Decca F. 8670)

Carl Barriteau-leader, clarinet, alto sax and vocal*; Leslie ‘Jiver’ Hutchinson, Kenny Baker, Jack Cosker-trumpets; Harry Roche, Jack Bentley-trombones; Dougie Robinson-alto sax; Norman Impey, Joe Appleton-tenor saxes; Stanley Black-piano; JoeDeniz Guitar; Tommy Bromley-double bass; Clinton Maxwell-drums; Mae Cooper-vocals**



The First English Public Jam Session – Abbey Road Studios, 16 November 1941

Tea for Two – parts 1 & 2 (Vincent Youmans / HMV B.9249)

Carl Barriteau-leader, clarinet; Buddy Featherstonehaugh-tenor sax; Kenny Baker-trumpet; Lad Busby-trombone; Dick Katz-piano; Frank Deniz-guitar; Tommy Bromley-double bass; George Fierstone-drums.


Saint Louis Blues – parts 1 & 2 (WC Handy / HMV B.9250)

Leslie ‘Jiver’ Hutchinson-trumpet; Frank Weir-clarinet; Woolf Phillips-trombone; Len Newberry-tenor sax; Billy Mun-piano; J. Sasson-guitar; Jaap Sajet-double bass; Maurice Burman-drums.


I’ve Found a New Baby (Jack Palmer / HMV C.3269)

Honeysuckle Rose (Fats Waller / HMV 3269)

Harry Parry-clarinet; Dave Wilkins-trumpet; Woolf Phillips-trombone; Aubrey Frank-tenor sax; Joe Deniz-guitar; Art Thompson-piano; Bobby Midgley-drums.

Note: this was a 12-inch (30cm) disc as it ran longer that the usual 10-inch issue)



Nat Gonella and His Georgians

Murder in the Meat Ball Shop  (Reid / Decca F.8691)

Shoo-Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy (Guy Wood / Decca F.8691)

Nat Gonella, Monty Montgomery, Bruts Gonella, and Fred Dinning-trumpet; Frank Osbourne-trombone; Bertie King and Sandy Herd-alto saxes; Ronnie West and Kenny Graham-alto & tenor saxes; Al Dallaway-piano; Roy Plummer-guitar; Lennie Bush-double bass; Phil Seamen-drums; recorded London, 22 July 2946


Miff Ferrie & His Ferrymen

In a Little Spanish Town (Mabel Wayne) and Twelve Bar Blues (band / issued in the Midnight in Piccadilly album, US London LQA40, 1948)

In a Little Spanish Town (Mabel Wayne) and Jungle Jive (Decca F.8505)

Miff Ferrie-trombone; Freddy Grant-tenor sax & clarinet; Tommy McQuater-trumpet; Jimmy Henney-piano; Archie Slavin-guitar; Charles Scott-double bass; Freddie Bierman-drums, ca. 1948.


Harry Parry’s Radio Rhythm Club Sextet

I’ve Found a New Baby (Jack Palmer-Spencer Williams)

Black Eyes (Ferraris)

Boog It (Buck Ram)

Softly as in a Morning Sunrise (Sigmund Romberg)

Harry Parry-clarinet; Roy Marsh-vibraphone; George Shearing-piano & celeste); Joe Deniz-guitar; Tommy Bromley-double bass; Ben Edwards-drums; recorded London 28 January 1941.


Dim Blues (Harry Parry-George Shearing / Parlophone R.2793)

Parry Opus (Harry Parry / Parlophone R.2793)

It Don’t Count  (George Shearing / Parlophone R.2804)

I’m Young and Healthy (Harry Warren / Parlophone R.2804)

Same as 28 January 1941 session, except Frank Deniz replaces Joe Deniz-guitar; Sam Molineaux replaces Tommy Bromley-double bass; recorded London 3 May 1941.


Champagne (Harry Parry / Parlophone R.2817) – the band’s signature tune on broadcasts

Honeysuckle Rose (Andy Razaf-Fats Waller)

Bounce Me Brother with a Solid Four (Don Raye-Hughie Prince) – Doreen Villiers, vocal

Don’t Be That Way (Edgar Sampson-Benny Goodman)

Same as 3 May 1941 session, except Lauderic Caton-lead electric guitar with Joe Deniz-rhythm guitar; Charlie Short-double bass; Bobby Midgley-drums; recorded London 19 October 1941.


The Java Joint (Lauderic Caton / Parlophone R2822)

Oceans and Motions (Roy Marsh / Parlophone R2822)

My Melancholy Baby (George Norton-Maybelle Watson-Ernie Burnett / Parlophone R2826) – Doreen Villiers, vocal

I May Be Wrong (Harry Ruskin-Henry Sullivan) – Doreen Villiers, vocal

Also recorded 19 October 1941, except Tommy Pollard replaces George Shearing-piano.


Blues for Eight (Harry Parry / Parlophone R2823)

Thrust and Parry (Harry Parry)

The Sheik of Araby (Ted Snyder / Parlophone R2834)

Someday Sweetheart * (John C. Spikes / Parlophone R2834)

Same as the 19 October 1941 session, except Reg Dare-tenor sax; Archie Slavin-rhythm guitar; Bobby Richards-drums; Benny Lee-vocal*; recorded 17 January 1942.



Rock it Out  (Ken Williamson / Parlophone R2851)

I Can’t Dance (I Got Ants in My Pants) * (Clarence Williams-Charlie Gains / Parlophone R2851)

Potomac Jump (Harry Parry / Parlophone R2854)

Who’s Sorry Now (Ted Snyder / Parlophone R2854)

Dave Wilkins-trumpet & vocal*; Harry Parry-clarinet; Ken Oldham-tenor sax; Yorke de Souza-piano; Joe Deniz-guitar; Sam Molineaux-double bass; Sid Raymond-drums; recorded 14 August 1942.


Melody Maker’s Jazz Rally; 29 June 1947

I’ve Found a New Baby

Bertie King-alto sax; Reg Arnold-trumpet; George Chisholm-trombone; Cliff Townsend-sax; Ralph Sharon-piano; Frank Deniz-guitar; Jack Collier-double bass; Jock Cummings-drums.


I’m Confessin’ (That I Love You) (Chris Smith-Al Neiburg)

C-Jam Blues (Duke Ellington)

Thriving on a Riff aka Anthropology (Charlie Parker-Dizzy Gillespie)

Carl Barriteau and Frank Weir-clarinets; Bertie King and Harry Hayes-alto saxes; Thomy Whittle-tenor sax; Dave Goldberg-guitar; Jack Collier-double bass; Jock Cummings-drums.


Who’s Sorry Now parts 1 & 2 (Columbia)

Dave Wilkins-trumpet; Woolf Phillips-trombone; Harry Parry-clarinet; Reg Dare-tenor sax; Ralph Sharon-piano; Pete Chilver-guitar; Jack Fallon-double bass; Norman Burns-drums.




Cab Kaye and His Band

Saturday Night Fish Fry (Louis Jordan / Astra Schall)

School-bop (Astra Schall)

Mood Indigo (Duke Ellington / Astra Schall)

Solitude (Duke Ellington / Astra Schall)

Cab Kaye-vocal; Dave Wilkins-trumpet; Sam Walker, George Tyndale-tenor saxes; Cyril Johnson-piano; Owen Stephens-double bass; Aubrey Henry-drums; recorded May 1951, Hamburg



Bertie King’s Jazz Group

Small Hour Fantasy (Humphrey Lyttleton / Columbia DC.691)

Don’t Be That Way  * (Edgar Sampson-Mitchell Parish / Columbia DC.691

Possibly with Leslie ‘Jiver’ Hutchinson, trumpet; recorded London, 28 October 1954; 27 January 1955 *